Book Review: “Imagined Truths: Realism in Modern Spanish Literature and Culture”

In general, I try to keep my academic career separate from this website, but my stance on that may be changing a bit, since there’s quite a bit of overlap. This brief post is just to share a book review that I wrote on Imagined Truths: Realism in Modern Spanish Literature and Culture, published in the peer-reviewed journal CiberLetras, housed at Lehman College. This is a fine online journal of literary criticism and culture, which can be accessed free of charge. Click here for the latest edition of the journal, and read my review, embedded here:

In short, this book, edited by Mary L. Coffey and Margot Versteeg, is a must-read for those interested in the manifestation of realism in Spain. It would be especially useful to English speakers who are unfamiliar with the movement. The book is comprised of articles written by some of the most influential scholars of Spanish literature from both sides of the Atlantic. Get a copy of the book here.

Let me know what you thought of this review, the CiberLetras journal, or anything related to Spanish realist literature in the comments below.

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Note that I do not get paid a commission for my review, nor do I receive any compensation if you purchase a copy of the work from a link on this page.

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